Italian Wine In Usa

Italian wine is internationally famous due to the outstanding quality of its grape variety. But Italy is not just about wine making; it also has a big part in the wine industry and one of the major wine producing cities in the world is Napoli which is known as the birthplace of Italian wine. There are many Italian wine producing cities and each one of them contributes to make Italian wine more international than ever. Here are some of the cities where excellent Italian wines are produced:Napoli, where the city is located. Napoli is one of the oldest wine producers in Italy. It has a rich tradition in wine making and producing fine Italian wines. This city is situated on the sea shore with lovely orange groves that can be seen from any part of the city. It has lots of different Italian restaurants, bars and hotels that will give you a glimpse into the life of Italian people. Due to its beautiful setting and Italian food that are served there, the wine produced here is very expensive. Basilicata, an island off the west coast of Liguria. This island is well known for its olive plantation and is one of the largest producers of Italian white and red grape varieties. The majority of the wines produced here are based on local grapes. The climate of the place is very moderate, that does not affect the grape production much. There is a rich and diverse vegetation of trees and bushes that provides a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts to the growing grape vines. Bologna, the second largest city in the country. This place is another good producer of Italian wine. The city has a rich culture and it is also one of the main attractions of Italy. It is a city full of museums, art galleries and other attractions. Friuli, the home of Modena. This place is the biggest producer of Italian wine in the whole of Italy. The terrain of this place is quite hilly with lots of hills and valleys. There are many Italian wine producers based here because the climate here is perfect for grape growing. The climate here is cool and moist, which makes it ideal for wine making. Lucca, the oldest town of the country. This place also happens to be the richest one of Italian wine producers. The place has a lot of old houses and palaces. There are some churches and museums as well. This place is popular for its food too; it is famous for its pizza and seafood. Abruzzo, the most sought after wine producing region in Italy. The area in and around the city of Genoa is considered as one of the best places to visit in Italy. The area is blessed with abundance of different varieties of vineyards. Abruzzo is considered to be the producer of the best Red wines in the world. Some of the renowned Abruzzo wineries are: Gorizia, Fumagalli, Gorizia Provej, Gorizia Riganti and G. De Santi. Teramo, located in the La Dolce Vita province in Italy's Campania. The name of the place pretty much sums up what it is all about; Teramo is the best place to drink Italian wine. This place is considered to be the gateway to Tuscany. It is here that the best Tuscan wines are produced. It is a small scale agricultural region, so it does not have a big production of wine. Some of the wineries that are found here are: Soldeu, Soldo & Biondi, Soldo, St. Nicholas, Albertini and Gai Barano.