Campania Wines

Campania Wines offers you the best quality Italian wines for a fair price. This small Italian village is famous not only for its rich and varied local produce, but also for the world-famous Campania wine. For many years, this northern Italian village was a major global tourist destination, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Nowadays, even the cheapest of wines in Campania can cost you up to 80% less than in Italy! That's why buying wine online in this region of Italy is such a smart investment!The two most famous wine producing regions of Campania are Barolo and Brunello, but there are many other fantastic smaller Italian wine producers that you should discover as well. You will find wines from everywhere in this region, but especially from the nearby historic area of Genoa, and the surrounding Tuscany countryside. Some of the most popular and affordable Campania wines are the Barolo and Brunello wines, but don't forget the other great wine-producing regions such as Comino and Vicenza. The main grape varieties in these areas are the Chardonnay and the Zinfandel. One of the most popular Campania wines is the Falanghina, which is usually produced in the Barolo region. It is made from the full-bodied, deep-colored grapes that are native to Campania, but these grapes are rarely grown throughout the entire area. Because they are so rare, when these grapes are finally grown and pressed into wine, they are often farmed out to other countries, such as Chile. Luckily, the wonderful flavors and wonderful aromas from these fine Campania wines come through perfectly in the unique styles of reds and whites that are produced in Italy. If you are looking for a slightly different and lighter wine, there are actually several varieties of Campania wines that will cater to your palate. One of the best-known is the Campania Lautaro, which is a traditional Italian white that is light and clean, yet balanced with berry flavors. Other great choices are the Campania Pinot Grigio and the Campania Vino Nobile, which are lighter and include flavors of cranberries and blackcurrants, or the Campania Massellata, which has a slight fruitiness to it that is also balanced by fragrant fruits. With these wines, you are really getting the full flavor, so you'll likely want to have another glass after the first one. As you can see, this is a wide-ranging range of wines that are available, which means you can try something different every time you visit Campania. If you love the flavor of local Campania wines, then you'll love the refreshingly tart taste of the Campania Dicetto. This is a medium bodied, soft, and easy-drinking dry white wine that are made from sweet black oak chips and a touch of local Campania grapes. If you are a fan of darker local wines, then you may enjoy the dark, viscid wine called the Campania DuPont. It is made using Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Syrah, but it is well known for its heavy taste. However, if you would like a lighter wine to drink with breakfast, then you may want to try the sparkling wines that are made in this region. If you are looking for a dessert wine to enjoy with your dessert, then look for the crisp, light-bodied Campania Gavi DOC. This is made with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Muscat grapes that have been grown throughout Campania, although the majority of it is made in the town of Vitoria d'oro. The great thing about these grapes is that they are not too hardy but are still capable of being grown throughout all the regions of Campania, making them highly sought after. One of the most popular types of Campania wines made is the one made from the white oak varietal of the varietal known as "falanghina grapes." The great thing about this type of grape is that it matures very slowly. It takes around five years for a good quality grape to be produced, and it is this long period of time that gives this variety of grape the ability to produce exquisite wines. You will often find that when you buy an excellent bottle of Campania wine, it will be accompanied by an exquisite plate of pasta, a delicious salad, and some really scrumptious bread. Although the name "campania" means "grape farm," it has actually been a location that has been used since ancient times to grow grape vines. There are many other varieties of grape used to make fine, high quality Campania wines. One of the most popular types is made from the Syrah grape. It makes an excellent sparkling wine that can easily be found in elegant presentations such as those made by the Cantina Produttori of Campania, which also happens to be one of the most famous wine makers in the world. There are many other types of grapes that can be used to make fine wines, and each variety is suited to the unique conditions of the various vineyards where they are grown. Each year an array of exciting new wines from Campania are made available to consumers. Check online to learn more about the fascinating history of Campania, and why this area of Italy is one of the world's top wine making destinations.